JobTime (EN)

What time does my workday end? And my workweek?

JobTime knows it!

Not the usual App for work time management but a very user friendly App…

In Settings you can configure:

  • how many hours to work every day of the week
  • extra time or lump sum profile
  • hour display format
  • Tasks to be assigned to each worked hour
very easy recording of work start and stop hours, just a click!
you can also assign them to the created tasks (as much as you want in a day)

Insert, delete and update notes

display the worked hours report grouped by month, week and day for each task

send the csv report  by email

and mostly JobTime tells you in real time for how many hours you are working today and this week;

JobTime tells you also at what time your workday or your workweek ends!

Languages: english, italian, french


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